Our mission 

Aim is to help and support you by being there so that you can concentrate on building a Successful business while we take care of your day to day paperwork, which means one less thing to worry about.

Our Service Commitment to You

ABBS's aim is to serve your needs by providing:

  1. A clear, concise and simple Book-keeping Service using Sage/Iris software. 
  2. Accurate and complete record keeping to ease year end. Also to provide you with information you need to manage your business and help it grow. 
  3. Communicate effectively by providing monthly reports i.e. Debtors, Creditors, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, PAYE details etc.

Our Service Commitment to You

We aim to:

  1. Handle your affairs promptly and accurately 
  2. Be accessible in ways that are convenient to you and your business 
  3. Keep your cost to the minimum necessary 
  4. Be courteous and professional at all times

It makes good business sense to do it properly and make it as easy for yourself as possible. We can help you do this.

So why not give us a call today to arrange a no obligation meeting and to discuss your requirements in more detail.