Downloadable Forms

Companies House Forms

Form 88(2): Return allotment of shares [Click Here]Form 123: Notice of increase in share capital [Click Here] 
Form 287: Change of situation or address of registered office [Click Here]
Form 288a: Appointment of Director or Secretary [Click Here] 
Form 288b: Terminating appointment of Director or Secretary [Click Here] 
Form 288c: Change of particulars of a Director or Secretary [ Click Here ]
Form 652a: Application for striking off [Click Here]

Customs & Excise Forms

VAT 1: Application for registration [Click Here]
VAT 2: Partnership details [Click Here]
VAT 7: Application to cancel your VAT registration [Click Here]
VAT 68: Request for transfer of a registration number [Click Here]
VAT 427: Claims for Input Tax/Relief after cancellation of registration [Click here]
VAT 652: Voluntary disclosure of Errors on VAT returns [Click Here]

Inland Revenue Forms

64-8: Authorising your agent [ Click Here ]
FB12: Authorising your agent to use PAYE online for Employers [ Click Here ]
CWF1: Starting up in Business [ Click Here ]
P11D WS2: Car and Fuel Benefits [ Click Here ]
P11D WS3: Vans for Private Use [ Click Here ]
P11D (b): NICs on Car and Fuel Benefits [ Click Here ]
P46 PAYE: Notice of new Employees [Click Here]
SA100: Individual Tax Return [Click Here]
SA101: Employment Pages [Click Here]
SA103: Self-Employment Pages [Click Here]
SA104: Partnership (Short) Pages [Click Here]
SA105: Land and Property Pages [Click Here]
SA106: Foreign Pages [Click Here]
SA108: Capital Gains Pages [Click Here]